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Garfield Heights High School Class of 1967

Garfield Heights, Ohio


The Triple Trio Then:

And Now:

GHHS Second Triple Trio Reunion - 2009

Trios of 1964-1965, 1965-1966, 1966-1967 & 1967-1968

Our Thanks to Rick Kuehls for these photos

Our thanks to James Szabo for these photos

Our thanks to Guy Papa for these photos

Our thanks to Gail Meyer for this photo

Our Thanks to Lynn Szaraz Schenkelberg for these photos.

Our Thanks to Tom Hola for this photo.

Holy Sts, Peter & Paul, Batman! Who CAN all these 8th graders be?

Friends, please take the time to look at the faces, and help us identify any who still remain nameless and email Tom Hola, Gail Meyer Audrey Sopko or Bill Williams (insert email addresses) with your answers... or guesses, as the case may be!

Our Thanks to Linda Wike Calkins for the photo