Garfield Heights High School Class of 1967
Garfield Heights, Ohio

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Getting Together

The “Lady Bulldogs” were able to have a “Zoom session” December 27, 2020, at 2pm.  Eight ladies participated and they were Audrey Sopko, Kathy Schneider Nowack, Gail Russler Meyer, Sue Baranovic Slesnick, Nancy Levis Knowlton, Linda Tomich Anderson, Amy Roman Kostka, and Jan Wroblewski Hola. 

In an effort to keep our alumni connected, two all alumni zoom sessions were organized in the new year, the first being on January 3rd at 11am.  Eight alumni participated and they were Ron Kosey, Amy Roman Kostka, Phil Magro, Gail Russler Meyer, Stan Slempa, Marleen Krzywkowski Sooy, Audrey Sopko, and Bill Williams. 

The second zoom session was February 6th at 4pm.  Possibly because of Superbowl weekend, there were only five participants, Rhea Jones Ashmore, Kathy Schneider Nowack, Diane Kastelan Rulewicz, Sue Baranovic Slesnick and Audrey Sopko, but the states of Ohio, Florida, Oklahoma & Montana were represented.